Our story

Our story started in 1983, when the family Cavicchi began the activity of cultivation, harvesting and processing of conventional and organic tomatoes in the territory of Ferrara.

O.P.O.E. means Organizzazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli Europa and is a consortium that collects and associates farmers of Emilia-Romagna region specialized in the cultivation, processing, preservation and sales of fruits and vegetables.

We manage 100,000 tons of conventional fresh tomatoes and 10,000 tons of organic fresh tomatoes from 50 farms in the territory.

Our annual numbers


tons of fresh
conventional tomato


tons of fresh
organic tomato


farms of
Emilia-Romagna region

What we do

Our core business is processing of fresh, conventional and organic tomatoes destined to the following market channels: retail, Horeca and industry.

Our main products are: crushed tomato, tomato paste, pizza sauce and pasta sauce, which we produce both branded Cavicchi, in Private Label and with other brands.